Water based paints yes or no?

Since i started my apprenticeship way back in 1991 (how time fly’s) water based paints have improved no end and will continue to do so.

The biggest improvements have come by the way of Water-based Gloss, Satin and Eggshell paints especially over the last year or so and with everything going green these days water based paints will only get better and better.

If you had asked me a couple of years ago should i use oil or water based paints on my woodwork i would have said Oil based every single time, Now however i would not!!

Having used Farrow & Ball’s wide selection of water based eggshells and gloss i have to say there really is no better product on the market as being as close to an oil based product.

Farrow and Ball also make an exterior paint range that can be applied to metal which when was first brought to my attention i was very skeptical and did not believe that it would last, Boy was i wrong an exterior of a house i painted using only Farrow and Ball 8 years ago still looks almost as good as the day it was done.

I also couldn’t speak highly enough of Dulux’s Diamond Matt, Eggshell and Satin product’s also there Ecosure Gloss is also very very good and highly recommended.

If i was doing an exterior of a property say i would recommend Farrow & Ball as in my eyes it is a far superior quality paint and is water based.

I am not disrespecting Oil Based paints as they are still quite cheap and last well but i would now say that water based paints have improved so much over the last couple of years that they are the winner in my opinion.

Heres a couple of links should you wish to look into the products i have mentioned.





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