Why not Have Stress Free Interior Decorating?

Newly painted hall wayRepainting a room instantly lifts it.  There are a huge variety of paints and wallpapers on the market now available to suit anyone’s taste.  

When using a painter and decorator, the most difficult decision you have to make is choosing your colours and finishes.  You can gain inspiration from many sources, including hotels, tv shows, restaurants and magazines.  You can also buy tester pots and colour swatches from most DIY stores to truly find the colour you feel you want to work with. 

Above all your personal taste and requirements are the most important factor.  

Paul Walker Decorators can help you come to a decision about your colours and finishes, we can advise you what colours and wallpapers would work best in your room.  

You then get to sit back while we prepare your room, decorate it and clean up after ourselves.  We aim to keep the process as stress free as possible, so you can really enjoy your room once it has been finished.  

We pride ourselves in offering a solution that will fit into the way you live and the colours you love.  

We also offer advice about small changes we can make to your room, ensuring once we have completed decorating, your interior will have a pleasing impact with nothing distracting your eye away from the wallpaper design or paint colours you have chosen.  


Feel free to contact us on the contact information above.


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