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If you fancy a bit of reading on painting ideas and lots more have a look at this.


24 cheap-chic decorating ideas

Why not get Paul walker decorators in to try some of these ideas out?

Have you ever thought about a feature wall?

In today’s world feature walls are very common, people tend to do this to highlight an area of a room, generally it is the wall where the television sits and makes the wall stand apart from the rest of the room.
You can choose from some nice floral wallpaper or from a wide variety of wallpapers on the market.
Some people choose to paint the wall in a bold colour and apply wall art with something written like “home sweet home” which is my personal favourite.
I have also done walls with painted stripes which is also very affective.

So if your thinking of a feature wall why not call Paul Walker Decorators.





Plastic paint tin problems (Dulux)

Recently I have been having more and more problems with paint in plastic gallon cans, with the paint peeling of the sides on new cans and old, to the paint smelling like old smelly socks!
I have thrown out hundreds of pounds worth in the last few weeks with this problem 😦
It’s time to bring back the metal tins I know this may not be very green minded buts it’s either that or a new solution to this on going problem!!
I know I am not alone in this as have seen many a post on twitter with same problem.

Paul Walker