Future for apprenticeships?

In Australia they have are looking into apprentices learning on site and using online work to complete apprenticeships, is this the way forward?
Personally I think not as you know you will learn your trade when you go to college but when on site you don’t always have the time to practice things learned at college.

Here’s the article:-

On-line Apprenticeships Launched

The National Institute of Painting and Decorating is launching on-line painting apprenticeships in Victoria, South Australia and Queensland in collaboration with it’s partner RTOs. Painters in those states can complete on-line apprenticeships and Recognition of Current Compentency, resulting in the issuing of the Certificate III Painting and Decorating qualification.

The certificate is the nationally recognised qualification for painters and is issued by South West TAFE, Training Prospects and Australia National Institute of Business. The on-line course includes over 1200 questions, over 200 videos, and dozens of practical tasks that can be demonstrated on-site.

“This system will save employers thousands of dollars, and hundreds of hours in lost time, because now their apprentices can learn anywhere and anytime. Instead of sending apprentices for block training at TAFE, the employer can train the apprentice on-site, on a rainy day, or when work is slow”, says NIPD Education Manager Michael Farrugia.


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