Why use eco-paint?

Since the environment and eco-friendly home improvement products have become a hot topic of late, it’s not surprising to find that eco-friendly paint has become popular. This type of paint is eco-friendly due to its natural ingredients and the method of its production. However, its appeal doesn’t stop there – conventional paint is in fact hazardous to our health; eco-paint eliminatesthis problem and is of better quality in terms of durability and aesthetics.

Health benefits of using eco-paint

Conventional paints contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) which can be dangerous to your health both during the painting process and up to five years after the paint has dried. VOCs are thought to be so harmful that the World Health Organisation claims that professionaldecorators are 40% more likely to contract lung cancer. In short, the use of conventional paint is emerging as a serious problem, so eco-paint is becoming a necessity rather than just a choice. In fact the EU now are making paint manufacturers abide by certain VOC levels, indicating the danger they pose. It is fair to say that paint is not the only source of VOCs inyour home but you can eliminate the risk somewhat by beginning to use 100% natural materials and products such as eco-paint in your home.

Eco-paint and the environment

VOCs are not only damaging to our health, but are also damaging to the health of our planet. These toxic substances reduce the quality of the air and causing climate change. These VOCs are released during and after use of conventional paint and the production of these paints also results in large amounts of waste (chemical, non biodegradable and non recyclable) other than VOCs which use a vast amount of non-renewable energy in the process. By using eco-paints you are secure in the knowledge that these consequences will eventually be prevented and conventional products completely replaced with natural materials which do not have such a devastating price to pay in terms of the preservation of our planet.

How much does eco-paint cost?

Eco-friendly paints are more costly than traditional options, but the health and environmental benefits make up for this. In addition, eco-paint is just as durable and available in just as made shades as traditional solvent based paints.


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