This Springs forecasted colours

As we gear up for the spring of 2014 home painting season, it’s becoming clear that neutrals will drive color fashion this year. Grey, in particular, but also white and off-white, will be among the most popular interior paint colors and favored hues for home furnishings.
Shades (and tints) of grey – ranging from grey-taupe all the way to silvery tones – are expected to be especially hot. No wonder: The versatile neutral is a sleek and sophisticated color option that adds refinement to any interior.
New lines of wood furniture will be rolled out finished with tasteful grey wash, and grey fabric will be seen on everything from seating options to floor coverings. However, grey will be seen most frequently as wall color, where it can create a soothing background for rooms whose furnishings range from simple to sublime.
As for accent color, grey’s flashier cousin – silver – will take on importance as a means of adding sparkle to a room. Among the places it will be seen: on shimmering fabric and reflective glassware.
But grey won’t be the only neutral to enjoy popularity in 2014. Those seeking a change from more saturated color will be happy to learn that white and off-white are back in vogue. So much so that paint manufacturers will offer expanded palettes of ‘whites’ given more personality by incorporating just a hint of color.
Why the comeback for white? Simply speaking, it is a clean, classic, minimalistic color that allows home furnishings to take center stage, much in the way that grey does. But white also is a pragmatic choice that simplifies decorating for those who are either short on time or color-challenged.
White has a lot to offer to those who might change their address: those who are downsizing will favor white or very light-colored walls to make their new, smaller interiors look more spacious; anyone who may soon put up a “For Sale” sign will favor white because it helps a home “show” better.
Despite the major emphasis on neutrals in 2014, design professionals and do-it-yourselfers in the mood for more colorful options will have other attractive choices. Blues and greens – in more tints and shades than ever before — will again be crowd-pleasers, as they have been for the past couple of years.
Mustard yellow will also be hot. Not only will it exert strong influence on both fashion and home furnishing fabrics, but it also will be a fresh out-of-the-box choice for interior painting – a bold color that can recast the appearance of an entire room, or simply provide pizzazz on an accent wall.
These are the trends we experts are forecasting, but in the end, color choice is a very personal decision, so the best advice anyone can offer is to stick with colors you love. When it comes to your home, it’s your opinion that matters most!



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