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scorching summer

Well what a cracking summer we have had here in Kapiti. One day was even 33 degrees :-o.

I do feel sorry somewhat for my family back home in there snowy minus condition’s but not alot haha.

Anyway back onto the painting side have you checked our website recently. Some articles are worth a read.


Repairing water damage to walls and ceilings.

I am often asked to repair walls and ceiling’s that have had water damages from leak’s here i will advise you on how to resolve the damage.

On a recent job this Spring i was asked to repair some peeling and cracking paint by the kitchen hob.

All the loose paint was scraped off. And all the cracks were ‘raked out’ (this gives filler something decent to grab onto). Then one coat of Zinsser Peel Stop water-borne primer was brushed onto the whole area, taking care to brush in all directions to make sure the primer got into all the tiny nooks and crannies. Peel Stop takes just a couple of hours to dry, so I could then fill any cracks and raised paint edges (I used Toupret Reboucheur – as it dries quickly and Toupret fillers are generally fantastic.)

Onto another job in the house for a couple of hours, then I carefully sanded the filler flat – taking care not to sand too hard and re-expose the edges I’d treated with Peel Stop and filler. A quick dust and two coats of the original kitchen paint and the job was done. Sanded, sealed, filled, sanded and top-coated.

Next Up

Zinsser Cover Stain

A bathroom leak had made a huge water stain over the hallway ceiling. After covering the floor with drop-sheets, I then raked out the cracks and discovered part of the plaster was completely ruined, In other words a big hole appeared.

This photo was taken part-way through raking out. I filled the hole first with plasterboard, held down with water-based adhesive. I sanded the whole ceiling (using dust extraction as usual, so there was virtually no airborne dust) and filled the cracks and remaining holes with Toupret Le Reboucheur. Another few hours on another job (I had the sitting room to paint) and the filler was dry enough to sand. A quick vacuum of the whole ceiling and then two coats (an hour apart) of Zinsser Coverstain oil-based primer was applied with a foam roller. The advantage of the foam rollers is that they’re quick, they apply an even coat, you don’t get any bits from the roller stuck in the paint, and they’re cheap enough to leave to dry and chuck in the bin. Washing out oil-based paints from rollers is neither healthy, time-efficient or environmentally the best option due to the quantity of white spirits you’d need!

Once the coverstain was dried out i applied a full coat of flat ceiling paint.

Two jobs resolved and one very happy customer.