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Cabots Aqua Deck

Been using Aquadeck recently purchased from Mitre 10 have to say i am very impressed by the quality of the deck stain in both value and product topped off by it being acrylic (water Based).

Heres a link for everyone who is painting there decks this summer.



Whats New


Did you know that there is a paint that cleans the air? Yes, it’s true.


Sto Climasan colour is an interior paint that continuously degrades harmful substances and reduces odours. This paint is ideal for residential application and is widely used in many heavily frequented commercial locations such as resthomes, hotels, restaurants, medical clinics, schools etc.


Just what does this air cleaning paint do? These revolutionary paints are ecologically friendly products which have the ability to keep walls clean by repelling dirt, bacteria, algae and fungus that can accumulate on surfaces whilst eliminating toxic odors from your rooms at the same time.



It’s Spring! time for a makeover?

As the days get longer and the weather warmer, a homeowner’s thoughts turn naturally to. . .painting! Yes, as the spring maintenance season gets ever closer, we start our to-do lists and plan out our projects. But when it comes to home painting, what to do first?
One of the best ways to begin is to thoroughly assess the painted condition of your entire property, both inside and out. Take a slow walk through and around your home, with pad and pencil in hand. Check out everything. Take notes. And bring along your significant other – not only because two sets of eyes are better than one, but to get buy-in as well.
Inside the home, the desire for a more attractive appearance may take precedence over maintenance needs. Are you tired of your room colors, or are you simply ready for a change? Jot down your thoughts, along with any ideas you have for new paint colors.
But don’t neglect to note the condition of your interior paint. Have your painted walls seen better days? Is the trim banged up? How do the baseboards look? And don’t fail to assess the condition of your ceilings; most people paint them far less frequently than the walls. . .and they often look that way.
Outside the home, start your inspection at the front door, which gives friends and visitors the all-important first impression of your home. Make sure it’s in tip-top shape.
Next, look for signs of paint failure on your exterior walls – evidenced by bare wood, peeling or flaking paint, mildew or mold. If you have any masonry (on walls, foundation or a fireplace), check for white, crusty efflorescence. Aluminum siding? Look for vulnerable bare metal and unsightly white oxidation, an indication that corrosion has set in.
Check all the areas where two different surfaces come together. Make sure they are properly caulked and that the caulk is in good condition. If you see a problem, make a note of it.
Naturally, you’ll want to inspect your exterior trim, windows, shutters, and doors, but don’t forget to also look at your garage door, gutters, downspouts, railings, and decks. A fresh coat of paint can help maintain them all, not to mention your metal light fixtures and lamps, outdoor furniture, swing sets, picnic tables, and fencing.
Now that you have an inventory of your painting needs, categorize the projects in terms of their urgency or desirability. You should actually assign every job a numerical or alphabetical rating, indicating which ones to do first.
Next, see if you have the brushes, tools, and accessories that you’ll need for your most urgent projects. That way, you can purchase them all in one trip to the paint store, saving valuable time that you can spend applying your paint.
Generally speaking, it’s better to get to the exterior paint jobs first, starting with the areas of greatest need. You just can’t fool (around with) Mother Nature. By delaying urgent outdoor painting projects, you run the risk that your home will suffer damage. So, start outside.
If there are multiple exterior paint jobs on your “urgent” list, you might be able to bunch similar projects together, saving yourself a lot of time and effort. For example, if your metal railings, metal furniture, and a metal lamppost are all badly in need of painting, you can work more efficiently by doing them all at once.
Keep addressing your most urgent outdoor needs until you run into weather that is not conducive to outdoor painting – for example, especially wet, cold or windy days, which may interfere with good paint film formation. When the weather takes a turn for the worse, move indoors.
Follow the same procedure with your interior painting that you followed when doing the outdoor work. Start with the projects you deem most urgent, either from an aesthetic or maintenance perspective. And since Spring has sprung, you can comfortably work with your windows open so as to keep your rooms well-ventilated as your paint.
By identifying and completing your most important projects first, you’ll do a better job of protecting your home with paint. And if afterwards you sneak away for a short vacation or a round of golf with your friends, you’ll be able to do so guilt-free!

Paul Walker Decorators

Thank you

Thank you for all the business been really busy with bookings from here and Paul walker decorators Facebook page, so much so we only have 3 weekends remaining before we depart for New Zealand these dates being 29th and 30th march and the two weekends following this.
Will be taking no more bookings after this as have to get everything sold and delivered etc from house before leaving.

So if you are planning on getting anything done please get in touch ASAP.


Living room makeover this weekend

This weekend will see Paul walker decorators take on a living room and give it a freshen up using farrow and ball eggshell and dulux flat matt.

Again it will see everything going white (ceiling, walls and woodwork) this seems to be a growing trend where it was once magnolia it now seems to be all white.

Job complete here is some pictures.





Wallpaper trends for 2014 in New Zealand

Here is some information from Resene paints for there trends for 2014 in New Zealand.


This is work that Paul Walker Decorators specialize in and we guarantee a perfect finish every time.

If you fancy a feature wall or a whole room papered and painted then do not hesitate to get in touch.


Why not Have Stress Free Interior Decorating?

Newly painted hall wayRepainting a room instantly lifts it.  There are a huge variety of paints and wallpapers on the market now available to suit anyone’s taste.  

When using a painter and decorator, the most difficult decision you have to make is choosing your colours and finishes.  You can gain inspiration from many sources, including hotels, tv shows, restaurants and magazines.  You can also buy tester pots and colour swatches from most DIY stores to truly find the colour you feel you want to work with. 

Above all your personal taste and requirements are the most important factor.  

Paul Walker Decorators can help you come to a decision about your colours and finishes, we can advise you what colours and wallpapers would work best in your room.  

You then get to sit back while we prepare your room, decorate it and clean up after ourselves.  We aim to keep the process as stress free as possible, so you can really enjoy your room once it has been finished.  

We pride ourselves in offering a solution that will fit into the way you live and the colours you love.  

We also offer advice about small changes we can make to your room, ensuring once we have completed decorating, your interior will have a pleasing impact with nothing distracting your eye away from the wallpaper design or paint colours you have chosen.  


Feel free to contact us on the contact information above.