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scorching summer

Well what a cracking summer we have had here in Kapiti. One day was even 33 degrees :-o.

I do feel sorry somewhat for my family back home in there snowy minus condition’s but not alot haha.

Anyway back onto the painting side have you checked our website recently. Some articles are worth a read.



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Did you know that there is a paint that cleans the air?ย Yes, itโ€™s true.


Sto Climasan colour is an interior paint that continuously degrades harmful substances and reduces odours. This paint is ideal for residential application and is widely used in many heavily frequented commercial locations such as resthomes, hotels, restaurants, medical clinics, schools etc.


Just what does this air cleaning paint do?ย These revolutionary paints are ecologically friendly products which have the ability to keep walls clean by repelling dirt, bacteria, algae and fungus that can accumulate on surfaces whilst eliminating toxic odors from your rooms at the same time.



Latest Resene newsletter

Hi guys here the latest newsletter from the merchant I’m now using in New Zealand pretty good products.


Paul Walker Decorators


End of week 3 Wellington, Peka Peka

Quite a successful week things are starting to take a bit of shape finished the top part at rear of building looks really good.

We where held up slightly as had a day of rain yesterday so job drew to a halt.Image


Wellington bound

Well todays the day, new zealand bound in a few hours ๐Ÿ™‚ excited but a little nervous.

Its a new adventure for my family and also for paul walker decorators who will be setting up a new buisness in kapiti.

So for now I leave you more updates from the other side.


Paul Walker


Resene New Zealand April Newsletter

Sorry bit late with this one but here it is all the same.
Still some deals to be had if quick enough.


Paul Walker Decorators


3 weeks to emigration!

Well this year has totally and utterly flown in and it’s almost only 3 weeks till we depart these shores for New Zealand ๐Ÿ™‚

We will take a two week holiday before starting our first project which is the exterior of the house I will be living in.

I also may have another job lined up and have to phone the client upon arrival!

So things are taking shape, now to enjoy last week and a half of the Old Course Hotel, before a month off ๐Ÿ˜‰

Paul Walker Decorators


24 cheap-chic decorating ideas


Why not get Paul walker decorators in to try some of these ideas out?


Have you ever thought about a feature wall?

In today’s world feature walls are very common, people tend to do this to highlight an area of a room, generally it is the wall where the television sits and makes the wall stand apart from the rest of the room.
You can choose from some nice floral wallpaper or from a wide variety of wallpapers on the market.
Some people choose to paint the wall in a bold colour and apply wall art with something written like “home sweet home” which is my personal favourite.
I have also done walls with painted stripes which is also very affective.

So if your thinking of a feature wall why not call Paul Walker Decorators.