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Officially finished working in Scotland!

Well that’s me finished my working life here in Scotland, the next time i lift a brush will be in New Zealand in probably a months time 🙂
Great thought knowing no work for at least a month at least, still be plenty to do but will certainly be enjoying the break.


3 weeks to emigration!

Well this year has totally and utterly flown in and it’s almost only 3 weeks till we depart these shores for New Zealand 🙂

We will take a two week holiday before starting our first project which is the exterior of the house I will be living in.

I also may have another job lined up and have to phone the client upon arrival!

So things are taking shape, now to enjoy last week and a half of the Old Course Hotel, before a month off 😉

Paul Walker Decorators

Thank you

Thank you for all the business been really busy with bookings from here and Paul walker decorators Facebook page, so much so we only have 3 weekends remaining before we depart for New Zealand these dates being 29th and 30th march and the two weekends following this.
Will be taking no more bookings after this as have to get everything sold and delivered etc from house before leaving.

So if you are planning on getting anything done please get in touch ASAP.


Final Weekend at St.Andrews

Well tomorrow should see the end of the weekend work in St.Andrews have to say its been a really good job to work on and the house is looking amazing. It makes a big difference working with freshly plastered walls.

I will hopefully get some photo’s up of the almost finished job over the week.

If your looking for a Quality Painter & Decorator call or email us at paul.walker.painter@gmail.com













If your looking for a business website I can highly recommend http://www.malton-webdesign.co.uk they have created and updated our websites for the best part of ten years. And have helped us become well known in our trade.
They are currently developing our New Zealand website and we look forward to working with them for many years to come.

Exterior painting

imageThis is an exterior we painted a couple of years ago that still looks good today.

The paint used on this project was Sandtex Smooth masonry paint (magnolia) and Sandtex (post box red)

The Rhones and Downpipes where done with Farrow And Ball, Black exterior undercoat and gloss.

Should you wish to have your exterior painted why not contact us for a free colour consultation and free quote.

Paul Walker Decorators